Chains of Domination Campaign

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Chains of Domination Campaign
With the release of Patch 9.1 Shadowlands campaign got bigger and now includes several more chapters. Each chapter will reveal the events that happened with Sylvanas, Anduin, Bolval, and other key characters. Buying the Chains of Domination campaign boost will help players to complete all the required quests to finish off the storyline of the new patch while getting some additional perks in the process.

WoW Chains of Domination Carry rewards:

Complete 9/9 chapters of the patch 9.1 story – Chains of Domination.

Learn more about Sylvanas, the Jailer, and Anduin’s fate.

Unlock flying in Shadowlands with Memories of Sunless Skies.

Covenant-specific flying mount on renown 45!

Soulbind conduits upgrades for your covenant.

Increased ilvl of unrated PvP rewards.

Up to 59 Renown lvl obtained from the campaign and weekly quests.

CoD 9.1 Boost ETA: 8 weeks from the patch release date.

Pre-purchasing this service guarantees you an early start right from the first week of the 9.1 patch release. This way you will not miss any of the new content!

Please note: there’re no ways of speeding up the completion time because different chapters of the story are gated by new renown levels and will be opened progressively as the patch goes on.


WoW Shadowlands account;

60 lvl character;

Renown 40+ lvl (please, pick an additional option if your renown is lower);

Maw/Torghast unlocked.


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