Covenant renown 40 level

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Covenant renown 40 level
With the new Covenant system introduced in Shadowlands, players are obliged to develop their allegiance to the selected faction. Kyrian, Venthyr, Night Fae or Necrolords Renown boost is here to help them do that. Farming out the weekly cap of covenant renown is a must for every player.

Leveling the renown to level 40 in Shadowlands may take anywhere from 8-10 weeks of the weekly grind. Buying the Covenant renown boost will make the process easier and less tedious.

farm of 1-40 Renown levels of the chosen covenants;
covenants buffs and perks such as Deepening Bond;
soulbinds unlock and upgrades;
world quest item level increase at Renopwn level 30;
covenant armor set transmogrification;
covenants epic mounts such as Eternal Phalynx of Purity;
maw zone perks and new legendary recipes;
toys and other cosmetics such as Kyrian Hearthstone.



you will need to have access to covenants to purchase this service.

Account sharing.


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