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Here you can hire a “Guard” for the number of hours you desire and any task you wish to accomplish. Our Guard will help you with any in-game activity:

If you are tired of being ganked

If you or your team are tired from slow leveling

If you need help with any dungeon

If you need assistance with any quest elite, escort, etc.

If you don’t have a friend for the 1-70 level journey WoW TBC experience

WoWwts made it possible to hire PRO players who will play in your group and accelerate your leveling process. Our bodyguard will provide services as a level 70 character of any faction.

The PRO player will guide you or your group through the most optimal tactics of leveling and make it faster to kill mobs and bosses. He will also act as a bodyguard protecting you from high-level mobs, bosses, attacks of the opposite faction, and ganks.

Just select the desired number of hours you wish to employ our Personal Bodyguard below.


WoW Burning Crusade


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