Mythic +10 Bundle (x2 x4 x10)

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Mythic +10 Bundle (x2 x4 x10)
you will get mythic +10 keystone level dungeon completed with our professional team. We will provide the key or we can use the one that you have at your own discretion.229 ILVL END-OF-DUNGEON GEAR
you will get 229 loot from end-of-dungeon chest. There are two items dropped per team. The option “Players with my armor type” (plate, leather, mail, cloth) also maximizes your chance to get gear.242 ILVL GEAR FROM GREAT VAULT
you will receive 242 ilvl gear from The Great Vault. To maximize the variety of items to choose from in your Great Vault you should aim to complete 10 dungeons during the week.

there is a personal chance to get Endurance, Finesse or Potency conduit, Legendary Powers and Centurion Power Core for your class/spec in the end-of-dungeon chest.

Random M+ ETA Specific M+ ETA Number of items Dungeon ilvl Weekly Reward
10 mins – 2 hours 1 – 2 days 1 – 2 items 229 ilvl 242 ilvl
Additional options:

We use our keystones for runs; dungeon rewards do not depend on the keystone owner

If you have the proper key – we can do runs using yours

You can add Timer in product options for increase your chances of get items

You can add 1 or 2 Loot Traders with same armor type as your character

You can choose special dungeon to run


60 level Shadowlands character;

only in Selfplayed mode.


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