Professions Leveling

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Professions Leveling
Buying this service you will get profession boost to max level via our pilot.

Crafting professions:

Alchemy (You get to make various potions, flasks, elixirs, trinkets and even transmute rare materials)

Blacksmithing (Craft new weapons and plate armor or modify and upgrade existing ones)

Enchanting (Magical enhancement of almost any type of equipment or any character attribute)

Engineering (Make all kinds of protection, utility or weapon like items that help you in various ways)

Inscription (Able to make glyphs, staves, and trinkets. Many cosmetic items possible, as well)

Jewelcrafting (Extracting raw precious metal from ore and using it to create gems for item sockets)

Leatherworking (Use leather and other materials to make or enhance leather and mail armor)

Tailoring (Make cloth armor, bags and many similar items. Many cosmetic items available)

Gathering professions:

Herbalism (Collecting plants and similar materials that grow throughout the world)

Mining (Mine and smelt ore and make bars which are needed for many professions)

Skinning (Almost any animal is able to be skinned. Collect them and make materials for Leatherworking


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