Reputations (Pathfinder Boost — Flying in Shadowlands)


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Buying the WoW Shadowlands (SL) pathfinder Part 1 and Part 2 can save you a lot of time and unnecessary grinding. The concept of pathfinder achievements was introduced to allow the player to explore the world more. It facilitates the better immersion into the World of Warcraft Shadowlands setting and experience every zone in greater detail.

completion of the Shadowlands Pathfinder: Part 1 meta-achievement;

shadowlands Explorer Achievement (Including Explore BastionExplore MaldraxxusExplore ArdenwealdExplore RevendrethExplore The Maw achievements);

the Loremaster of Shadowlands carry;

completion Covenant Campaign;

reaching Renown level 10 with your chosen covenant to get The Road to Renown;

completed zone questlines: Bastion BestedMaldraxxus MasteredArdenweald AchievedRevendreth Resolved;

100 different Shadowlands world quest completed getting The World Beyond achievement.

The Shadowlands pathfinder boost will be divided into 2 meta-achievements:

Unlocking SL Pathfinder Part I will grant you a 20% increased mounted speed in all Shadowlands zones.

Unlocking SL Pathfinder Part II will allow you to fly in all Shadowlands zones and a new epic flying mount.

The Pathfinder achievement will make you explore every zone of the Shadowlands world. The beautiful landscapes of Bastion. Magical forests of Ardenweals and plague-infested regions of Maldraxxus. The vampires-themed lands of Revendreth, wastelands of the Maw and the capital of Oribos.


60 level character

Chosen Covenant


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