The Battle for Mount Hyjal

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Battle for Mount Hyjal is the 25 man raid instance in the Caverns of Time. Its difficulty is slightly below that of Black Temple, and the first two Tier 6 set tokens can be won here. Defeating enemies in Hyjal Summit yields reputation with The Scale of the Sands

The three portals lead to the three bases (Alliance, Horde, and Night Elf). The bases are also connected to each other by a long road within the instance itself. After defeating the two bosses in the Alliance camp, the second portal opens up and permits direct access to the Horde camp. After killing two more bosses there, the third gate opens, which leads to the Night Elf camp. Wipe recovery is usually possible in place, so the portals are used rather infrequently, save the last one – due to his long aggro range, wipes at Archimonde usually require a corpse run.

The first four bosses are preceded by eight waves of trash mobs each. During these events, two counters appear in the UI: one displays the number of remaining mobs in the current wave, and a second for the current wave number. The fifth boss is not preceded by trash waves.

The fights take place close to the entrance inside the friendly bases (so that the NPCs can be used in an easy but controllable way). The waves (and bosses) spawn at the enemy camp outside the friendly base. Moving from there to the players takes about 20 seconds, so that drinking and rezzing usually can take place between waves.


Active WoW subscription

70 lvl character

Pre-Raid BiS gear

Attunement: Need.


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