Vicious War Spider

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Vicious War Spider is one of the most beatifull mounts in Shadowlands expansion. Its not that easy to get it. With buying this mount you will also get huge amount of conquest points and PvP rewards, such as gear, anima, PvP achievements, tittles and marks of honor. With having this mount, your enemies will dissapear with the first look. There are only two spider mounts in the game. First of them is Bloodfang Cocoon, which is two million gold. One of our best professional PvP team will fight on rated battlegrounds and arenas on your side! If you have qny questions about the service, please conact our customer support agent for geting more information. Any mount in the game would be easy

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I don't have 1400 arena or BG rating, I have 1400 arena or BG rating


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