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10-man Raid located in the Ghostlands.The raid involves players fighting four avatars of the forest trolls Loa: the bear, eagle, lynx and finally dragonhawk. These Loa have been channeled into the bodies of four troll warriors. After defeating the four Loa aspects, players face off against the witch doctor that called on the Loa, and finally against Zul’jin himself.The final troll boss will not only be a powerful foe; he’s also able to draw upon the ghostly spirits of each of the four liberated Loa and change his own shape to access their powers.

The instance has multiple quest givers outside the entrance for events that occur inside, including time-sensitive missions (e.g. rescues) that offer differing rewards based on how quickly the task is accomplished.

Though the Ghostlands region is technically a Horde territory (blood elf, to be more specific), the area around Zul’Aman is considered contested.

Active WoW subscription
70 lvl character
Attunement: None.


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